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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why read Viral Bound?

I’ve read a lot of zombie novels and watched a lot of zombie movies in the process of writing my own zombie book. I’ve enjoyed them all, well most, a good share of them. Ok, I must have liked them enough to want to write my own. I started mine just over 4 years ago and published it December of 2012. Yes it took a long time. When I write stories, I tend to let them write themselves. I’m lazy that way.

I like to include modern day events, and when something happens in the news that was actually news worthy, and I’m not talking Miley Cyrus here, I try to include it into the story to make it modern and now.  

The main problem I see in most zombie fiction; movies or books, is that it’s hard to tell when it was actually happening. You look at the cars and trucks they use in the books or films. Possibly the weaponry used and the tactics to take down the situation at hand, and you’re still left wondering the year, the month, the day. This makes you a bystander looking in and not feeling like they’re there, fighting the battles, and running from the zoms.

This is where I hope that my book Viral Bound stands out, and makes you feel you’re right there in the scenes, and not just looking in. You can tell where it was happening; your local school, your hospital, where your child was born. It happened to your friends, your neighbors, and your family. It was happing down the road, at the local market, your favorite bookstore, it was happening to average Joe, living average lives. And, with average people with average lives, there’s always government involved, so I added that as well.

You are there every step of the way. You can tell exactly when this was happening. It was happening now, in real-time, in the communication age. It was happening in the age of social media, in the age when 95 percent of our communications were made online, through Facebook, Twitter and on Blogs. When news channels turned to Youtube to get their breaking news from uploaded videos from Iphones as it happens, unedited and raw. It was happening in the age when people texted more than they talked.

I’m just glad it was published before people twerked or I probably would have had to add that too. Zombies twerking……hmmmmm.

Viral Bound, read it today and live it. I think you’ll find it refreshingly different from others in this decaying genre.

Here are a few excerpts from just a few reviews that mentioned this.

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Even though this was a fictional story, the author included realistic content that makes you wonder if events such as this could really happen. ~ Christy Z

The author uses social media to pull you into the story from facebook post to twitter and blog feeds. The blog from the young boy trapped in his car is particularly compelling. ~ C Gebbie

There are a few things that lift "Viral Bound" above average and one of them is the inclusion of Social Media within the story. Everybody on the net knows, that it plays a vital part in today's communication, sharing and rumor spreading. Nothing without Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Co. ;). And the author paid attention to this development.. ~ W Haas

I cant say enough good things about this book, The author held my attention from the very start till the end of the book, I love how he incorporated social networking in to the book, The way it's written makes one think that it's very post able that this could happen for real ~ Mikey D

I was pleasantly surprised to find this book is quite different from the majority of books in this genre. Lots of twists and turns to keep you guessing, and it was cool to see how the author ties in social media and stuff concerning how the government would handle such a situation, it all felt like it could really happen in the way he portrays it in Viral Bound. ~ Katie K

I was in for a pleasant surprise right from the cool beginning. This story is fast-paced with real-time experiences. The way the author mixed in facebook and twitter usages was brilliant and made reading more fun. ~ J. Paul

I thoroughly enjoyed that the book was in real-time. I loved that the author really tried to take into consideration how every-day people, media, social networking and the government would handle an outbreak situation. Genius! Viral bound is very well written, easy to follow, yet keeps you on the edge of your seat! ~ Jamison

Without giving the story(s) away, it contained real-time messages within the story(s) that makes you really stop and think. "Could this really happen?" ~ Shelie R

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