"Every day starts with a blank canvas. What picture will you paint for all to see today?" ~ Dan Waltz

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Zombie Car Wash

Yesterday, with the help of The Flint Zombie Walk Car Washers, I had the opportunity to live out part of a scene in my book Viral Bound....

The scene....
Sure enough, it wasn’t long and we had bloodied hands, slapping hard against our windows. The weight of the zoms pressing against the car made it rock back and forth. We all ducked low, and hid under blankets and coats, whatever we could find.My sister was crying again. Actually, I don’t think she ever stopped, and I think my mom is too.

Peeking through the blanket I was hiding under, all I could see was gore. Bloody palm prints smeared across the windows the full length of the car. Morbid faces peering in. The slapping, the repetitious slapping of moist hands hitting glass, like a wet mop hitting the floor. The car rocked back and forth, back and forth, and the moans. The moans were awful. They have to stop! 

~ Viral Bound

Video by Scott Graubner

More photos of the Zombie Car wash can be seen here...

Big thanks to all the zoms involved! www.flintzombiewalk.com/

Viral Bound:

Monday, July 1, 2013

Viral Bound Give-a-way!

The contest is over! Congrats to the following winners...

• Lindsey Brewer
• Kris Lugosi
• Lizzy Lessard
• Crystal Merrill
• Justin Goff

Thanks for your interest in Viral Bound, we had 330 entries.
Your books will be shipped out today! Enjoy the read!

* When you finish reading it, reviews are always appreciated.

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