"Every day starts with a blank canvas. What picture will you paint for all to see today?" ~ Dan Waltz

Q & A

Q. You have several titles. (Author • Illustrator • Artist) Why so many and what’s your favorite?
A. Well actually there is a couple more, but we will stick to the three for now.  My favorite? That’s really tough. Probably Artist as I have been doing artwork the longest, then writing and finally illustrating. It’s all about telling a story.
            • Artist, because of the freedom it brings. There is nothing better than creating a painting for myself, with no restrictions. Illustrating and commission art are fun, but come with restrictions, guidelines and clients. It’s usually whatever they want.
           • I love to write as well. Creating stories in my mind is very similar to painting pictures. You’re just painting with words.

Q. Your paintings are so lifelike. Realistic and so much detail. Do you ever loosen up?
A. I do, but it’s a rare occasion. I love the details. They help tell the story.

Q. What’s your favorite subject matter?
A. Animals, my true love.

Q. In your writing you dabble in many genres. Why? Don’t most author stick to one?
A. I love fantasy, horror and mystery. I was always told to write what you love and know.  Well that’s the type I read, so therefore it’s also what I write. I would hate to be tied down to one genre.

Q. Your latest novel “Viral Bound,” it’s more than just a zombie story. It also has a meaning within the story. Not typical in the zombie genre. Are all your stories like this?
A. I wish, but sometimes they are just stories to enjoy. But, yes “Viral Bound” is a lot more than just getting survivors from pint A to point B alive while making their way through a blood and gore fest. Don’t get me wrong, it has that as well, but a whole lot more. If people could get past the blood and gore I don’t think you have to be a zombie fan to enjoy it.

Q. Why the attraction to zombies?
A. Well, I don’t really know. I would like to say what most say and credit the film “The nights of the Living Dead,” but I just watched it for the first time about 6 months ago. I have seen others and read quite of few books, but I really don’t know when the attraction began, as I just noticed recently that my books “Kornstalkers,” and “Dragon Fly” also have zombies in it, but are not the draw. I really didn’t have the fascination for them when I wrote them, at least not consciously.

Q. What’s your favorite?
A. It’s always the one that I’m working on. “Viral Bound” is still NEW to me and I love it and will continue the promotion, but the one I’m working on is always my favorite. It’s all about enjoying the process. If you enjoy the process you will always win.

Q. What’s next?
A. Well, I hope to get back doing some serious painting soon, and I already started my next book.

Q. Already on the next one?
A. You have to write when inspiration hits you, and I’ve been wanting to write this story for a very long time.

Q. Can you tell us about it?
A. Well the story itself is done, I wrote it about 8 years ago, I’m just in the process of rewriting, and revising it. I hope to have it out this summer. It’s another horror novel, and all I will say about it at this time is that my readers are in for a real treat.

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