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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Viral Bound visits the Night of The Living Dead

Viral Bound visits where it all began! Evan's Cemetery.
The home of the "Nights of The Living Dead."

I’m so grateful to a reader and his friend.

They surprised me with photos of my book "Viral Bound" at the home of the "Night of the Living Dead." It’s where it all began, not the book per say, but the genre. This year marks the movies' 45th anniversary, and that's a long time. 

It's a long time to stay fresh and still work with viewers of today. I should know, it was only about a year ago when I watched that movie for the first time and enjoyed it.

Since I recently released my zombie novel (almost 4 years in the makings) it meant a lot to me to see how the genre got its start. Not only that, but when I watched it, I watched it at a screening in the presence of Gary Steiner himself. 

And, now this happened—I'm so grateful to reader Stacey Tindle and his friend Scott Kaluza, for taking the time to do a little photo shoot of my book in original the location of where the "Night of The Living Dead" was shot and the birth of a genre began. 

I would like to share with you just a few of those photos (they took many).

I must add, I can't tell you how much it means to an author for a reader to go out of their way to do a little book promotion themselves.  

With gratitude...

Even the Ghost of Judith Odea made an appearance.
"They're coming to get you Barbara."

Now that my book visited, maybe one day I can too.

Thanks for looking!

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