"Every day starts with a blank canvas. What picture will you paint for all to see today?" ~ Dan Waltz


ASH, Like a Tattoo
Written by Dan Waltz
298pg Novel
Paperback ...$14.95
Kindle ....$3.99

Viral Bound
Written by Dan Waltz
432pg Novel
Paperback ...$16.95
Kindle ....$3.99

Corn Maze Massacre!
ISBN 0-9741774-3-1
#1 "Chilled To
The Bone!" series 
120 pages
Author/Ill: Dan Waltz
Illustrated Paperback $6.99 Buy Now!
Also available on Kindle & Nook

A Gnome's Great Adventure! 
ISBN 978-0-9741774-7-2 
360 pages
Author/Ill: Dan Waltz
Illustrated Paperback
Fantasy Novel 
Over 75 Drawings $12.49 Buy Now!
Also available on Kindle & Nook!

Fits Like a Glove
A Short Bullying Story
by Dan Waltz

Endangered Domain
A Short Story

by Dan Waltz
Also available on Kindle! .99